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National Brand Style Guide  |  2020/21
WEDO     Canada  |  Brand Presentation Deck
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WEDO       Canada  |  Marketing Outline - Big Picture

Marketing Team's Objectives


WEDO is a rally-cry for all WOMEN in Business to gather ONCE a year -  on November 19th we gather across Canada and around the world to celebrate OUR achievements as Women, as Entrepreneurs, as Business Women, as Educators, as LEADERS! 


Through-out the year as women we help, encourage and support one another - but on November 19th we GATHER to CELEBRATE all that we do as business women in our communities.  In some cities a summit is organized around November 19th, in other cities WEDO is celebrated on November 19th with incredible thought-leaders, educators and business women sharing their journeys to success. 


Our hope is that women come away from OUR DAY OF CELEBRATION feeling a part of a bigger community - one that understands their struggles, helps them find their voices, educates them on their opportunities, and most importantly celebrates their courage to be strong women in business.  

We want ALL women to JOIN US on November 19th as we gather to celebrate, support, educate, and encourage!  

Through-out the year, we speak and promote OUR DAY, we keep the message going through-out the year that on November 19th, we are celebrating US - and we want ALL women to join us to celebrate, support, educate, and encourage!

Through-out the year: 


Through-out the year, we speak and promote OUR DAY - Women's Entrepreneur Day. We develop the talking points of WHY we are celebrating Women Entrepreneurs and Women in Business on November 19th and we continue to share them.  


In the WEDO community we share stories, we educate, we support but most importantly we continue to invite every woman across the country to join our community - to help us spread that word that November 19th is the day we CELEBRATE US - the strong, smart, courageous, hardworking business women of our communities.  

One day a year, on November 19th, we give out awards, grants and scholarships showcasing our support, education and success stories across the country. 


  • Grow the awareness that Women's Entrepreneur Day is Nov. 19 - annually, globally

  • Grow the awareness of WEDO locally 

  • Grow the awareness of WEDO nationally 

  • Achieving proclamation across Canada (achieved in 2019 in AB, FWE is applying for it in BC)

  • Encourage new Ambassadors in Cities across the country

  • Develop the idea of members or supporters of WEDO Canada to showcase their businesses and work.  Super fragmented across the country. Convene gov, industry, society. Help drive proclamation - too much noise in the market. 

  • Identity crisis. Incredible last year. How can we promote on the 19th Took kits in the future. Alberta Innovate - DNI perspective. White privilege lense. 

  • International men's day - support  |  international women's day | March 8 

  • I proclaim it now - but WED is 2019 - 


Campaign Ideas for 2020 


Key Messages for 2020 Marketing Campaign



Opportunities to gain awareness

  • Feed Social Media with Key Messages

  • Build Awareness by promoting WED 2020

  • To Be Discussed further at our Marketing Meeting / Tuesday Sept 8th 


WEDO     Canada  |  Current Sponsorship Deck
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WEDO     Canada  |  Social Media Brand Style
Social Media Goals:
Social Media Goals:
  1. Raise Brand Awareness
  2. Increase Engagement
  3. Sell Tickets to Event
  4. Sell Swag to Raise Funds
Social Media Key Messages
  1. Join the Movement
  2. Sell Tickets
  3. Be a Resource
  4. Apply for Grants / Scholarship
  5. Member Profile / Testimonial
  6. Showcase a Resource
Social Media Posting Grid
  1. Inspiration
  2. Meet a Member
  3. Sell
  4. Meet an Ambassador
  5. Sell
  6. Showcase a Resource
WEDO Canada Social 1.png
WEDO Canada Social 2.png
WEDO     Canada  |  Brand Colour Palette
Text Color:  #e1393e
Text Color:  #1c478f
Text Color:  #a2b957
Text Color:  #eb1e68
Text Color:  #cbebf2
WEDO     Canada  |  Brand Illustration Sets
Hands Pattern
Pop Art
Illustrated Map
Swimmer Pattern
Pink Earth
Pink Earth
WEDO     Canada  |  Website Fonts
H 1
Oswald Medium
Web: 65
H 4
Oswald Extra Light
Web: 18
H 2
Oswald Medium
Web: 45
H 5
Oswald Extra Light
Web: 30
Open Sans
Web: 18 |  LH: 46
H 3
Oswald Medium
Web: 30
H 6
Oswald Extra Light
Web: 45
WEDO     Canada  |  LOGOs
WEDO     Canada  |  Website Development
Website Current + Wish List

1. WE issue DO Canada  -

  • About US = Mission and Vision;

  • Board members, etc,

  • Future tab to promo National partners, 

2. Ambassadors 

  • Photos and write up The Ambassador in the region

  • info on her Advisor Council members

  • link to their event info, ability to download event info  & sponsorship package, with link to buy tickets

  • currently only in Alberta and Manitoba but we need to be able to add on as new Global Ambassadors 


Website Additional Suggestions:

  • WED international / About / Founder / Countries

  • WED upcoming events in your city in Canada

  • Shop / #ChooseWOMEN Swag

Event Details

  • Sponsors

  • Business Showcases

  • Speaker's Bios for Events

  • Buy Tickets Now - Early Bird / Corporate Packages


JOIN the movement

  • Become an Ambassador in your City

    • Hosting an Event

    • Sponsor an Event

    • Speak at an Event

    • Showcase at an Event

Success Stories

  • Canadian Success Stories, Global Success Stories

  • Grant / Scholarship Stories

  • How to apply for a scholarship

  • How to apply for a grant

Entrepreneur Resources

  • AWE

  • ATB

  • U of C / Hunter Lab

  • Mount Royal 


Entrepreneur Businesses Resources - Regional

  • Creative Agencies

  • Business Coaches

  • Financial Coaches

  • Accountants / Bookkeepers

  • Freelance Designers

  • Website Developer

Subscribe to stay in touch .. (develop email form choose city / national / databases for each city, national)

  • Email Newsletter Template / Regional / National - 

Ambassadors Login: 

  • Ambassador area for branding, template, media kit packages

    • Buddy Press / Internal Communication Board

  • Sub-websites (multi-sites - easy to duplicate)

Regional Ambassadors:

Sub-Website Templates for local chapters

  • Hosting an Event

  • Become an Ambassador in your City

  • Hosting an Event

  • Sponsor an Event

  • Speak at an Event

  • Showcase at an Event

  • Event Promotion / Buy Ticket Page

  • Ambassadors Profile Page

  • Local Success Stories

Branding / Marketing / PR KITS

  • Regional Digital / Print / PR /Marketing Collateral

WEDO Social Media Kits 

All Ambassadors to have the following WEDO Social Media Kits that include:


  • WEDO social brand guidelines

  • WEDO social brand-style guide,

  • WEDO Canada posting schedule / goals + objectives

  • WEDO Canada upcoming national posts

The person who is charge of the regional marketing will need to set up a standard gmail account / password that is used on on social pages and is shared with their team - so that when there is a turnover, other people have access to the accounts. 

WEDO Corporate Print Packages  

All Ambassadors to have the following WEDO Corporate Print Packages that include:


  • WEDO Canada PPT - update WEDO Corporate’s PPT

  • WEDO Canada Marketing brochures/packages based on guidelines from “corporate” – these would be “leave behind” brochures that someone can leave after meeting a potential sponsor

  • WEDO Canada Sponsorship Deck

  • WEDO Canada Sponsorship package to provide to potential sponsors

The person who is charge of the regional marketing will receive the templates of the above materials and will then fill in their appropriate information.

WEDO Media Kit

The Media Kit will Include the Following


  • Standard Press Release / Events / Follow Up

  • Media List 

  • WEDO Media Kit / Download from Website

  • Media Strategy: TV, Print, Digital, Podcast

The person who is charge of the regional marketing will receive the templates of the above materials and will then fill in their appropriate information.

Marketing Deliverables + Timeline

Priority Marketing To/Do List


  • Update Website with Event Details / Shop Page / Sponsorship Page

  • Corporate Packaging Re-Branding / Sponsorship* Sponsorship Deck

  • Social Media Content Development / Roll-Out

  • Media Strategy: TV, Print, Digital, Podcast

Kim and the marketing team are energized to roll-out the 2020 WEDO Campaign.  

Board Revisions / Suggestions

Priority Marketing To/Do List



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Corporate Brand Guidelines  
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Illustrated Map